Tips for Storing Items in Winter

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A man in a blue jacket moves several boxes in the snow from his home on a red dolly.

Tips for Utilizing Winter Storage

Ask anyone from here and they’ll tell you: There’s something special about winter in Minnesota. As the temperature drops and the snow begins to fall, millions of people from all around the state marvel at the scenes of frigid beauty around them. Many go outside to experience it up close, tossing snowballs and riding sleds as their noses grow cold. Once the fun is over, they return inside to warm up and return to the cozy confines of their homes.

While the winter is easily enjoyable for us, it can be taxing on your property, especially when moving or leaving things in storage. Several different risks are associated with storing items during the winter, namely the potential for damage during stretches of particularly brutal cold weather. This is true for people storing furniture, clothes, vehicles, and more, as no matter what size of storage unit you rent, you must be cognizant of the potential impacts of adverse weather.

Thankfully, there are some things you can do to winterproof your belongings and enhance your overall self storage experience. Continue reading to learn more about how to store things during the winter:

Keep Your Items Clean

As is the case with storing things at any time of the year, it’s important to make sure your unit is clean and organized before closing up for the winter. Do a thorough sweep of any boxes or tubs to make sure there’s no trash or other internal messes that need to be addressed. Wipe down the exterior of any containers to ensure your things are tidy before their hibernation begins.

Properly Seal Your Belongings

 It’s also crucial that you make sure your things are sealed and/or covered before placing them in storage for the winter. This will help protect your belongings from dust and other natural damage in addition to keeping out any pests if they manage to find their way in. You also should check that the materials you are using to pack or wrap your stowed items are safe, as things like plastic or vinyl will allow in moisture. Your best bet will likely be to use a breathable cloth or canvas. Check out our list of storage tips and frequently asked questions to learn more.

Stay off the Ground

 Just as important as keeping your things packed properly is making sure they stay off the floor. The ground gets damp easily as it gets cold, and as a result, any boxes or items kept on the floor may be exposed to moisture. Elevate electronics, boxes, or any other sensitive materials with pallets or other tools to make sure they won’t be harmed. This will also provide protection from any bugs or other pests that may sneak in.

Take Extra Care When Storing Vehicles for the Winter

When it comes to winter boat, RV, car, or motorcycle storage, you need to take extra precautions on top of simply being clean to prepare for storing your vehicle long term. The simplest tip is to check and change any fluids that need it in your engine and have your vehicle serviced before putting it away. You should also make sure to leave the gas tank mostly full and add fuel stabilizer for winter storage.

Once the inside of your vehicle is prepared, disconnect and remove the battery and store it separately to be safe. Close off exhaust ports, vents, and windows to make sure no dust, pests, or other unwanted debris makes its way into your vehicle. You’ll then want to air up your tires (if needed) or elevate your vehicle on jacks if allowed, as it will help preserve the suspension.

Consider Climate-Controlled Self Storage

While it’s important to be informed about the risks and necessary precautions that come with storing things in the winter, you can save yourself a lot of trouble and anxiety by renting climate-controlled self storage. These temperature-regulated units are kept just as warm and cozy as your home during the colder months, providing protection against fading, warping, and other potential climate-induced damage. This can be especially valuable when storing electronics, photographs, family heirlooms, and other extra-sensitive materials.

Invest in Quality Winter Storage with Acorn Mini Storage

Figuring out how to store things during the winter is easy when you work with the experts at Acorn Mini Storage. We operate a wide-reaching network of storage facilities in Minneapolis-St. Paul and across Minnesota that are the perfect place to keep your extra stuff when it gets cold. We have climate-controlled storage units equipped with several exciting amenities designed to make your life as easy as possible and keep your belongings nice and warm. Find the closest Acorn Mini Storage facility to you to get started today!

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