Common Self Storage Questions From New Renters

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A first-time storage renter locks the door to her self storage unit.

Renting a storage unit is a great solution when you need a place outside your home or workplace to keep your extra belongings. However, moving your things into storage can seem overwhelming if you’ve never rented space.


Thankfully, the friendly experts at Acorn Mini Storage are here to help you every step of the way. This blog will answer some of the common storage questions first-time storage renters ask and provide tips and tricks for self storage to keep in mind.


1. How Do I Rent a Storage Unit?


While it takes some effort, renting a storage unit isn’t too complicated. Find the closest storage facility and plan the route you’ll take on move-in day. Consider the size of your moving vehicle, as a large truck may require avoiding small streets.


Once you’ve chosen a facility, browse our available units and select the size you need. You’ll need a valid ID, an approved rental agreement, and any required deposit to sign your lease. Some storage facilities might offer discounts for military members, retirees, and others.


2. What Size Storage Unit Do I Need?


Deciding what size storage unit you need depends on the quantity and type of items you plan to store. Acorn Mini Storage’s unit size guide can help you visualize how much space you need to rent. Here are some self storage tips about standard unit sizes:


  • 5×5. Mini storage units are ideal for small items, boxes, and seasonal decorations.
  • 5×10. These can fit a studio or small one-bedroom apartment’s worth of belongings.
  • 10×10. A square unit of this size holds the contents of a one or two-bedroom apartment.
  • 10×15. With more space, these accommodate two-bedroom apartments and small houses.
  • 10×20 and larger. Big houses and other primary storage needs require a large storage unit.


3. Which Storage Features Are Most Important?


The features you need will depend on what you’re storing and your personal preferences. The most significant amenity to consider investing in is climate-controlled storage, as it provides optimal protection against extreme heat and changes in weather conditions.


You should also examine your facility’s security features, as electronic gate access and video camera recording are highly valued. Additional features include drive-up storage, 24/7 access, and tenant insurance.


4. What Am I Allowed To Keep in My Storage Unit?


While self storage units can feasibly fit almost all your personal belongings, some restrictions are in place for safety and legal reasons. Here are some frequently prohibited items:


    • Perishable food. The smell can attract pests and cause odors.
    • Hazardous materials. This includes flammable liquids, gasoline, and toxic chemicals.
  • Weapons. Firearms and ammo cannot be kept in storage, nor any explosives or fireworks.
  • Living creatures. Plants, animals, and humans are not allowed.
  • Illegal items. Storing stolen goods or illegal substances is strictly forbidden.


If you have any questions, it is best to check with your storage facility for a complete list of prohibited items before you move in.


5. How Long Can I Keep My Storage Unit?


Most storage facilities offer flexible rental agreements, allowing you to keep your space for precisely as long as needed. Acorn Mini Storage offers month-to-month leases that ensure you won’t be tied down to long-term commitments. Ask your storage facility manager what their move-out policies are during the lease signing process.


Rent Reliable Storage Units from Acorn Mini Storage


If you’re looking for a reliable storage solution, Acorn Mini Storage offers self storage units in many sizes with top-tier amenities to meet your needs. With top-notch security systems, climate-controlled units, and accessible locations across Minnesota, we provide an effortless experience for first-time storage renters and experienced tenants.

 Explore our FAQ and storage tips page, or call us to learn more about self storage in Minnesota!

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