man refueling his camper van with a jerrycan
Traveling by RV can be a fun way to explore and wander around the country during the summer months. While traveling by RV can help you save on hotel costs, the costs of gas can stack up pretty quickly and take away from your overall budget. Here are 6 ways you can maximize gas mileage […]
fishing motorboat wrapped in cover
  After a long winter, the sun is shining and the open waters are calling your name. However, if your boat has been stored all winter, there may be a few obstacles standing between you and your summer plans. Thankfully, de-winterizing your boat can be completed in just a few steps. This process is made […]
Self storage facility
Frigid Minnesota winters make finding the right storage unit for your belongings a little more complicated than simply pulling into drive-up storage and unloading. If your storage needs include items that might be susceptible to cold temperatures, it’s absolutely vital that you look into finding a climate controlled unit to minimize the risk of damage […]
A woman sits at a desk in her living room taking notes while on a video conference call
  In the age of Covid-19, many people found themselves working remotely. It can be a big change to all of a sudden be working from home. You now have to figure out where to set up your workspace and focus on your work, rather than simply hanging out at home. Because you can essentially […]
closeup of man arranging the closet
For native Minnesotans, harsh winters are a part of life. For visitors and new residents, however, Minnesota winters can be, well, somewhat difficult to endure—at least at first. But no matter how long you’ve lived in Minnesota, winter means spending more time in your home and less time outside. Of course, spending more time in […]