A nighttime skyline shot of downtown Minneapolis and the Mississippi River.
A Guide to Moving to Minneapolis Moving to a new home is a thrilling adventure that allows you to turn the page into your next chapter of life. Whether you’re relocating for work, school, or just a change of scenery, settling into a new community and exploring its local quirks connects you deeply with where […]
Getting your first place can be equal parts fun and harrowing. The freedom that an apartment provides is often wonderful, but striking out on your own can be challenging. Whether you’re graduating soon from a local university like the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities or simply moving to your own apartment after living with family, Acorn […]
A miniature house is surrounded with snow and decorated for the holidays
Acorn’s Guide to Winterizing Your Home Whether you love winter for the holidays or the scenic landscapes, you’ll want to enjoy these festivities in a secure and well-protected home. Along with the snow comes potential wear and tear throughout your home due to the harsh weather conditions. By winterproofing your house, you and your loved […]
Acorn Mini Storage’s Guide to Moving in the Minnesota Winter Moving during the winter isn’t necessarily ideal, but you have to do what you have to do. While we can’t prevent the snow from blowing on your boxes or remove the ice from underfoot, our winter moving tips can help you be as prepared as […]
Acorn Mini Storage’s Guide to Storing a Mattress Moving to a new place can be exciting, but doesn’t come without challenges. Packing up clothing, holiday decorations, and kitchen items can already feel like a hassle. But what do you do with bigger, more expensive items like a mattress? Keep reading to see how we at […]