How to De-winterize Your Boat for Summer

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Acorn Mini Storage’s Guide to De-Winterizing Your Boat

After a long winter, the sun is shining and the open waters are calling your name. However, if your boat has been stored all winter, there may be a few obstacles standing between you and your summer plans. Thankfully, de-winterizing your boat can be completed in just a few steps. This process is made even easier if you’ve invested in Acorn Mini Storage to keep your boat stored safely over the winter. Continue reading to learn how to de-winterize your boat and get ready for a summer full of boating adventures.

First Things First

The first thing to do when you take your boat out of winter storage is to take the tarp or covering off. After that, you may need to scrub off a few layers of dirt and grime. If you use a storage unit at Acorn Mini Storage you’ll get to skip this step, thanks to our clean facilities that protect your boat from the elements of a Minnesota winter!

Check the Engine, Oil, and Fluids 

Next, you’ll need to take a good look at the boat engine. Change the oil and the oil filter. Check different parts of the engine like outdrive and make sure it is functioning properly.  In the process of winterizing your boat, you should have drained the coolant. Now, as you de-winterize it, take a look at the cooling system and ensure the rubber didn’t crack as the temperatures dropped over the winter months. Like the coolant, the gas should be drained from the boat fuel system before it is winterized. Now, change the fuel filter and put new gas in the tank before taking it into the water. 

Other important gauges to check include the water pump, thermostats, cables, and hoses. These instruments may need to be replaced due to use or after a tough winter. 

Check the Battery

Since it’s been some time since you last used your boat, it’s important to check the battery to ensure it is working properly. Make sure that it is capable of holding a charge before heading out to the water to avoid getting stranded, and make any battery replacements when needed.

Safety Check

Other things you may forget to inspect include the boat trailer and onboard safety gear. The last thing you want to happen is to have your trailer break down on the road as you’re on the way to a fun boat day. Check that all fire extinguishers, flares, life vests, and other safety gear are up to date and intact. 

Make it Look New 

To make your boat look shiny and new after the winter months, consider repainting the bottom of the boat and scrubbing the interior. Repainting the bottom with certain types of paint can help avoid rotting the exterior, too. 

And You’re Off!

Before you hit the road, start the engine and make sure the boat starts. Before you know it, you’ll be back on the water enjoying time in the sun. Though it seems far away, when the summer comes to a close, contact us at Acorn Mini Storage for the best local accommodations for your boat storage. We offer a wide selection of indoor and outdoor boat, RV, and trailer storage in a variety of sizes, so you’re sure to find the unit right for you. We also offer discounts and specials year-round for utmost savings and convenience! To find a short-term or long-term home for your boat, find an Acorn Mini Storage facility near you today. Happy boating!

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