Do I Need Winter Tires in Minnesota?

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Using Winter Tires On Your Car in MN

Not all tires are created equally. Some are ideal for dry, summer roads while others perform best on snow and ice. Switching to winter tires provides numerous benefits not only for your safety but also for your summer tires. Acorn Mini Storage has some reasons to put winter tires on your car this season and how to use winter storage and tire storage to your advantage.

Minnesota Winters: 3 Reasons to Have Winter Tires

You won’t stress out as much on the road.

A Minnesota winter can be harsh and bring a lot of snow across the state. It’s not unusual to feel stressed when you’re driving on a snow-covered road. If you’re nervous while driving, you’re more prone to getting into an accident. You can avoid that by updating the tires on your vehicle. Winter tires put your mind at ease, giving you more control as you traverse across treacherous highways and interstates.

They grip the snow better than other tires.

Winter tires, also called snow tires, are made for the snow in Minnesota. They have specialized tread that provides more traction on the road. Each tire has deep grooves and sipes to send slush away from the tread, providing more grip on the asphalt. Summer tires don’t provide the same snow traction and can send you sliding off the road. If you want superior grip in the snow, winter tires are the only way to go.

You can make your summer tires last longer.

Whether you have all-weather tires or summer tires, you can make them last longer by storing them during the winter and putting snow tires on your car. Tire tread wears down over time as you drive. If you put your summer tires in storage, you’ll save the tread and extend their life on the road.

Acorn Winter Storage for Your Tires and Gear

Need a place to store your summer tires for the winter? Acorn Mini Storage can help. We have affordable storage units in the Twin Cities that are great for tire storage and will keep your summer tires protected and ready to go once the snow finally melts in the spring. Reserve a unit today!

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