What to Do With Your Childhood Toys and Mementos

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Toy Storage and Organization Tips

At some point, you’re ready to let old memories go. The things you loved when you were a kid were wonderful and are a source of great memories. But whether they’re scattered in closets at your parents’ home or stashed in boxes in your own basement, not everyone can keep those items in their homes perpetually. But, of course, getting rid of sentimental clutter is hard, even if a life event forces you to consider doing so.

Here at Acorn Mini Storage, our storage experts have some tips for you below, which can help guide you in making decisions about your old toys. We also have temporary and long-term storage solutions for those items that you love so dearly.

Should I Keep or Get Rid of My Childhood Toys?

1. Plan, Organize, and Get Help

Unless you’ve just got a few toys to find new homes for, chances are you’ve got a lot of stuff to sort through, so the planning portion is important. Develop a plan that’s easy to stick with by getting it down on paper. Set a schedule with reasonable goals and built-in flexibility.

Additionally, consider asking family members and friends if they can help you sort through things. Some may have great tips on how to store keepsakes, and they are great voices to have around when your sentimental side is taking over from your organizational side.

2. Don’t Throw Away—Donate

If you come across some items that you want to get rid of, check to see if they can still do some good. Be sure to check with local charities, and find out in advance what kind of donations they might appreciate. Think about how your old toys can make a positive difference in a child’s life. It’s easier to get rid of sentimental clutter when you know it’s going to a good charity.

You don’t have to donate to just charities, either. If you just can’t get rid of stuffed animals and childhood mementos, give them forever homes with family members who have room to spare. But be sure to keep one special toy as your link to the collection that you’re sharing.

3. Make Old New Again

Turn items you want to keep from your childhood into treasures you can enjoy every day. Repurpose small things into decorative 3D collages. Reset a stone from kid-sized jewelry, or start a new scrapbook for favorite early memories.

Knowing how to store sentimental items can be a just click away. Take pictures of your favorite things. Scan old photos and achievement certificates. Preserve paper memories by digitizing keepsakes such as circus tickets and postcards.

4. Tips for Sentimental Storage

No matter what your short-term or long-term decisions are about your sentimental items, it’s important to store those items well. Here are a few tips that are a great starting point for toys, mementos, and more.

  • Use temperature-controlled storage: Older items can be easily damaged by extreme temperatures. Temperature-controlled storage helps mitigate damage from the elements.
  • Organize on shelves: Use vertical space to your advantage and store sentimental items on shelving. Don’t have any shelving? Rent some from us for a small fee.
  • Don’t keep boxes on the ground: With free pallets here at Acorn Mini Storage, you can elevate your boxes off the ground and keep your sentimental items as safe as possible.

Choose Acorn Mini Storage for Your Storage Needs

There are a lot of reasons for going through childhood toys and memories. If you’re finally looking to declutter things you should have gotten rid of a long time ago, you should feel empowered to do so. However, there are plenty of life events that force you to make hard decisions about sentimental clutter without giving you much of a choice.

And ultimately, you don’t have to get rid of your old toys, even if you don’t have space for them. Self storage makes for a great place to store treasured memories if you don’t have space in your home anymore. At Acorn Mini Storage, we’ve helped families all over the Minneapolis-St. Paul area store belongings they couldn’t keep anywhere else. Contact one of our storage facilities today to get started!

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