Spring Cleaning Done Right!

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Three Ways to Be Summer-Ready

Ready to leave winter behind, open the windows, and enjoy the outdoors? Here are our top three priorities to get your home ready for an enjoyable Minneapolis summer:

  1. Keep the dirt out: Doormats are your first line of defense from tracking dirt and allergens into your home. Keep doormats at their best by giving them a good hose-down. If needed, brush them with just a bit of detergent, then air-dry. They’ll be clean and ready to welcome your guests to your home.
  2. Freshen carpets: After a long, slushy winter your carpets have been put to the test. With dirt, grime and ice salt interlocked within the fibers, carpets need deep cleaning. Vacuum thoroughly, especially by doors and high traffic areas. An extraction machine from a rental company helps deep clean synthetic carpets. Test a few drops of the cleaning solution in a saucer with a hair dryer—if sticky residue remains, use a different cleaner. Use fans and/or the air conditioner to thoroughly dry carpets before replacing furniture.
  3. Declutter: Nothing gets us down like clutter. Whether it’s lurking in the garage, closets or basement, those piles pull us down. Start simply, with one room. Use the four-pile tactic: Donate, Toss, Use, and Store. Safely store sentimental objects or antiques that simply don’t fit your lifestyle by reserving a clean, handy, temperature- controlled Acorn Mini Storage unit. Your items will be safe, dry, and accessible 24/7—and not filling your home. You never know, maybe your kids will furnish their dorm room or first home with these priceless possessions one day.

A good spring cleaning will freshen your home and brighten your spirits. Make sure to give your local Twin Cities Acorn Mini Storage a call to help you make the most of the season.

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