Moving to downtown St. Paul
Minnesota’s Twin Cities have a lot to offer in terms of culture, diversity, and everything else you want from urban living. St. Paul may be the more low-key sibling of the two, but its downtown area offers a vibrant social and cultural scene. Whether you’re considering relocating from outside the metro or are thinking about […]
Buying a new home
As the housing market trends upwards in price, people all over the country are taking advantage of the opportunity to finally downsize into a home that aligns with their lifestyle. But we know downsizing can be an intimidating prospect, so we’ve compiled the best tips to make the most out of a downsize, as well […]
At some point, you’re ready to let old memories go. The things you loved when you were a kid were wonderful and are a source of great memories. But whether they’re scattered in closets at your parents’ home or stashed in boxes in your own basement, not everyone can keep those items in their homes […]
Here in Minnesota and many other places throughout the United States, there has been something of a home buying frenzy. Whether due to location independence, low interest rates, or job changes, many of us have decided to relocate–if even just across town. An important question looms for those considering a move: should you buy or […]
Storing your belongings offsite is a smart choice. Self-storage keeps your things within easy reach yet out of the way. But choosing a facility can be difficult, especially if you have a lot of options nearby. Knowing how to pick a storage facility is about more than price or even location, so we’ll arm you […]