Tips for Storing Your Motorcycle Without a Garage

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If you can’t store your motorcycle in a garage to prevent damage and theft, don’t worry! There are still ways to secure your bike without a garage. In fact, there are many people all across the country who own motorcycles and keep them securely parked without a garage with no problems.

While storing a bike without a garage can be challenging, it’s not impossible. Acorn Mini Storage is here to help you understand how to store a motorcycle without a garage. Follow these tips for proper storage of your motorcycle in a non-garage setting to keep your bike in top condition, even without a garage.

Finding a Safe and Secure Motorcycle Storage Location

Secure your motorcycle by finding a suitable storage location to park your ride. Consider accessibility, security, and weather exposure when selecting a site, and use a cover or lock to help protect your bike from theft or damage.

The most convenient and secure motorcycle storage option is to keep your bike with Acorn Mini Storage. We offer several spacious and high-quality options for vehicle storage at many of our locations. Our storage facilities all have several state-of-the-art security measures in place including 24/7 video recording and personalized access codes. A secure storage location is crucial in helping protect your motorcycle both in the short and long-term.

Preparing Your Motorcycle for Storage

Preparing your motorcycle for storage is essential in ensuring it remains in good condition while not in use. It involves several steps, including cleaning and lubricating all moving parts to prevent rust and corrosion.

Change the oil and filter before you move your bike into storage to remove contaminants that may cause long-term damage. You should also remove and store the battery in a cool, dry place, and remember to add a fuel stabilizer to the gas tank to prevent engine damage.

Perform a final motorcycle inspection to ensure everything is in good working order. By preparing your bike for storage, you can reduce the risk of damage or deterioration while it’s not in use and make sure it remains in top condition for your next ride.

Storing Your Motorcycle Properly

Positioning your motorcycle during storage is crucial to prevent damage. Use a center, or paddock stand, to support the bike and avoid flat spots on the tires. Cover your motorcycle with a breathable cover to protect it from dust and debris. If moisture is a concern, consider using a dehumidifier or moisture absorber to keep the air dry.

Store your motorcycle to reduce the risk of damage or wear while it’s not in use. You’ll also avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures or sunlight, which can cause damage to the paint or other materials. Additionally, run your motorcycle’s engine often to keep the fluids circulating and help prevent engine damage.

Maintenance and Inspection in Non-Garage Settings

It’s absolutely critical that you inspect and maintain your motorcycle during storage. If you’re not planning to drive it often but are still in the area, take it for a quick spin or at least perform a basic inspection every couple weeks or so. Check the tire pressure, run the engine for a few minutes, and maintain your bike to ensure its longevity.

If you don’t have access to a garage or repair shop, there are still steps you can take to keep your bike in good condition. Check the oil level, tire pressure, and brake pads, and clean and lubricate the chain. Inspect all electrical components, suspension, and brakes for any wear or damage and address issues immediately. Always use proper tools and equipment when performing maintenance.

Renting a Vehicle Storage Unit With Acorn Mini Storage

Using these tips, you can store your motorcycle without a garage. Remember to take proper care of your bike while it’s in storage to be ready for your next adventure when you are. Paying careful attention to your bike’s status, where you are storing it, and more can help set your motorcycle up for long-term health.

Acorn Mini Storage can provide the space you need if you’re looking for more storage space for your motorcycle or other possessions. We’ve got you covered whether you need long-term vehicle storage or need extra space. Find the closest Acorn Mini Storage facility to you that meets your needs and browse our availability to start your rental. You can also use our unit size guide to pinpoint how much space you need to rent.

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