Camping Hacks for Staying Cool This Summer

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A woman sits under the sun by her RV while camping.

Staying Cool While Camping

Whether you’re enjoying a weekend getaway or unplugging for days on end, there are few better ways to enjoy your time off than camping. The soothing sounds of nature and fresh, cool air provide an instant sense of relaxation and inner peace you just can’t find in the city.

While it’s easy to see why so many people love camping, there are also some drawbacks of spending time in the great outdoors—namely the intense summer heat. As temperatures rise and the sun beats down, many people struggle to stay comfortable in their tents and around their campsites.

Thankfully, there are some ways to avoid the heat. Keep reading to learn a few tips and camping hacks to stay cool.

Aim for the Shade

The most important—and most obvious—of all ways to stay cool while camping is to hang out in the shade. Set up your tent, chairs, and other equipment in an area that will be in the shade for most of the day (i.e. under trees, near cars or cabins, etc.). Whenever you can, get out of the sun and into the shade to stay cool and avoid a sunburn.

You should also place your tent in a spot that receives good airflow. Feel around or ask more experienced campers which way the breeze usually blows overnight and in the mornings. If your campsite is located near a pond, lake, or other water source, position yourself as close as you can to the water, as this will help keep temperatures down.

Know When to Tactically Disassemble

Just as important as finding the right spot for your tent is knowing when to tear it down. Assuming you will be hiking, fishing, or doing something else outside of your tent during the day, consider taking it down before you leave in the morning. This will prevent hot air from building up inside, keeping it nice and cool for the evening. You should also remove the rainfly if you know the forecast doesn’t call for precipitation, as it can trap heat inside as well.

Stay Hydrated

Regardless of whether it’s the hottest day of the summer or below freezing, you need to stay hydrated while camping. Carry a sturdy water bottle around at all times, taking frequent sips and breaks to quench your thirst. This will help you stay healthy and feel good in many ways, including keeping your body’s internal temperature cool and regulated.

Get Creative

There are some direct actions you can take to help yourself feel cooler while camping. Pack plenty of ice and cold water, both to drink and to pour on towels to wrap around your neck and face. You can even purchase a battery-powered fan or sleep in a hammock, which can also help you receive consistent airflow.

A group of RVs sit in the shade at a campground.

How To Stay Cool in an RV

Camping in an RV offers many luxuries and benefits, but can still be hard to do comfortably. While many people don’t know how to stay cool in an RV, it’s not too complicated. Plan to park in a shaded area that can receive adequate airflow, as you’ll want to keep the cabin well-ventilated at all times. You should also use awnings and covers to block sunlight, and when available, utilize swamp coolers, electric fans, and reflective insulation. Cooking outdoors will also help keep the indoor cabin cool and smelling clean.

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