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At Acorn Mini Storage we understand that your need for storage is likely the result of an event in your life, and that this event has created a number of challenges. Your Acorn Mini Storage staff is ready to address as many of these challenges as possible, and to help you to transition your belongings safely into storage as conveniently and economically as possible.

We feel it is important that you know that all storage companies are not the same. Acorn Mini Storage offers several important advantages over our competition: Acorn Mini Storage offers you the best value in storage and is ready to solve all of your needs. Before you select a storage facility take a minute to be certain that you’re getting the best value. Remember, value isn’t the lowest price; it’s what you receive for your money that is most important.

The staff at Acorn Mini Storage knows you will need clean, safe, and convenient storage for your belongings. We offer a large number of different sized spaces to ensure that you do not rent more space than you need. Acorn Mini Storage offers many different configurations of our most popular sizes: ground floor drive-up spaces, ground level spaces within a secure building, freight elevator accessible second floor spaces within a secure building, ground level temperature-controlled spaces* within a secure building, and freight elevator accessible second floor temperature-controlled spaces* within a secure building. You choose the configuration and price that best meets your needs.

Acorn Mini Storage offers a full line of competitively priced moving and packing supplies to help you to prepare your belongings for storage and to make your move as easy, safe, and convenient as possible. We offer everything from standard moving boxes and specialty boxes, tape, bubble-wrap, shrink wrap, wrapping paper, and mattress bags to forearm forklifts and ratcheting tie-downs to help you to secure and transport your furniture and belongings.

Acorn Mini Storage offers several options to help you move and even pack and load your belongings. Each Acorn Mini Storage location is a U-Haul affiliated dealership. If your needs include a storage space of 10x10 or larger we offer free** truck rental for moving into your storage space. If you need packing and loading assistance we can connect you with Acorn Mini Storage / U-Haul Moving Helpers. If you wish to have your belongings professionally moved, Acorn Mini Storage has partnerships with several local full-service movers, for which we offer discount coupons.

Acorn Mini Storage offers a multitude of discounts to help make storage more affordable:

Acorn Mini Storage also offers a variety of weekly move-in specials.

Every time you refer a friend or family member to Acorn Mini Storage and they rent a space at one of our stores, you will earn a referral fee of $25 to $50 depending upon the size of the space rented by the new customer. Acorn Mini Storage also offers benefits for returning customers including waived fees and discounts on packing supplies and boxes for future storage space rentals.

When you sign your lease with Acorn Mini Storage, we will provide you with a clean, secure storage space, a free stainless steel high security disk lock, free shipping pallets to elevate your belongings above your storage space floor and access to your space 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, as well as office hours seven day a week. Once you begin moving into your space, you will discover that Acorn Mini Storage offers the free use of dollies and heavy duty carts to help you move your belongings into storage. Every Acorn Mini Storage location features wide aisles and is moving truck accessible throughout to help you move into your space. To help you to organize your belongings we have mobile wire shelving units available for rent at very reasonable rates.

If your storage needs change while you are renting your storage space with Acorn Mini Storage, there is never a charge to move into a different space. If your storage needs change to include belongings that require temperature-controlled space, or you need to increase or decrease the size of your storage space, you can seamlessly transfer into another space. There is never a charge to transfer and any account balance will be transferred to the new space. You may also change your rent due-date at any time; you merely need to pay for the additional days to change to a due-date that works best for your situation.

Acorn Mini Storage offers a variety of methods for you to pay your rent each month. We accept cash, personal check, money orders, cashier’s checks, debit cards with the Visa or MasterCard logo, as well as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards. Additionally, you can make payments on the Acorn Mini Storage website or through our call center. You can also set up your account so that Acorn Mini Storage automatically charges your credit card or debit card or automatically debits your checking or savings account with no additional fee to you. No one offers more options for payment.

Acorn Mini Storage offers automotive, boat, camper and RV parking spaces at several of our metro area locations. We offer the same security, access, convenience, and service to our outside storage customers as we do our regular storage space customers.

If your business is moving, expanding or simply needs more space, Acorn Mini Storage has storage options that cater to commercial customers. Storing business documents, equipment and/or excess inventory at your location can use valuable space that could be recovered by storing these items with Acorn Mini Storage. In addition to all of the features offered to our residential-use customers, our commercial customers enjoy the following additional amenities: Acorn Mini Storage also specializes in seasonal storage of patio furniture for restaurants. We store tables, chairs, umbrellas, stands, planters and other patio items over the winter months to protect these items from the elements and to increase the curb appeal of patios over winter. Acorn Mini Storage employs professional movers to pick-up patio items in the fall, bring the inventory to a storage location and return the furniture in the spring. We will provide a deficiency report of items in need of repair or replacement. Acorn Mini Storage will accept delivery of new furniture which can be assembled and returned in the spring; we can also provide disposal services for unwanted furniture.

Acorn Mini Storage provides a record storage program for companies that do not have the need for active record management. Most businesses do not require the level of service, and expense, provided by record management companies. For files that are inactive and/or rarely accessed we can provide economic storage until the end of your retention period. Acorn Mini Storage can provide the initial pick-up of records free of charge**. We will also provide discounted shelving, if required, and all of the standard amenities provided to both residential-use and commercial customers. Acorn Mini Storage’s record storage program features several benefits versus storing files with a record management company: Acorn Mini Storage can design a storage solution to meet your unique needs.
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