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Self Storage Units | Storage Tips

  1. Keep an inventory of items you store. If you are looking for something you won't have to wonder whether or not it is in your storage unit.
  2. Use pallets on the floor of your storage space to keep your items clean and protected.
  3. Leave an aisle or walk space between rows of stacked boxes for easy access.
  4. Use shelving to organize and to make more efficient use of your space.
  5. Put the most valuable items in the back of the unit, and place the items that you will likely need access to in the front of the storage space.
  6. Use new, uniformly sized boxes. New boxes will be clean and pest-free. Place all possible items in a box rather than loose in the space. By doing these things it will help maximize the use of your space.
  7. Use smaller boxes for heavier items and larger boxes for light items.
  8. Use plenty of packing paper, bubble wrap, towels, blankets, or pillows to protect your fragile items.
  9. Label the contents of your containers on all four sides. You can use different colors of labels for particular rooms or to identify the belongings of different people.
  10. Wrap framed art and mirrors in bubble wrap and stand them on end on a pallet.
  11. Use covers on chairs, sofas, mattresses and box springs to protect from dust. Place them on pallets and stand them on end.
  12. Protect chair legs by wrapping them in packing paper.
  13. Disassemble any items you can for easier storing and moving. Store the screws and bolts in a zip-lock bag and tape them to the item.
  14. Remove lampshades and pack with towels and blankets; pack lamp bases in well-padded boxes.
  15. Wrap dishes and glasses separately and cushion with bubble wrap.
  16. Purchase boxes with dividers to store glassware and china, and place packing materials on the bottom and the top of the boxes. Wrap each item individually with paper or foam.
  17. Put fragile items on shelving units, bookcases, or on top of other boxes.
  18. Store clothing and curtains on hangers in wardrobe boxes to protect and prevent wrinkling.
  19. Wedge open the doors of appliances to prevent mildew.
  20. Humidity can cause furniture to warp. Leave space between your items and the unit wall to allow for air circulation. Fabric coverings will help protect your furniture and will not create condensation like plastic covers may.
  21. Clean and dry metal items before storing. Use an oil or rust protector on items that are prone to rust.
  22. If your unit is not temperature controlled (heated and cooled) avoid storing items that can be damaged by melting and freezing, or large fluctuations in temperature and humidity.
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