Greg Weik, manager of Acorn’s Inver Grove Heights location, considers his store a “one-stop shop” for his customers.  Having stored everything from household furnishings to fishing boats to classic cars, Greg’s passion is to provide the right storage solution for each individual customer.

Greg’s facility houses many long-term tenants for whom the IGH facility has become their second garage, basement, or attic. One of the most talked-about items he’s had is a classic fire truck owned by a retired firefighter and used in community events and parades.  Stored in a large garage unit, this beautiful piece of vintage Americana earned many an admiring look from its fellow Acorn customers.

In addition to the classic fire truck, Weik has nearly 200 spaces for cars or boats in his ground level garage. Every spring, his customers return to hook up their fishing or speed boats for their annual treks to cabins up north, or slide behind the wheels of treasured classic cars for leisurely evening drives through the St. Croix River Valley.  And even in the dead of winter, some of those customers come by to take a peek at their prized possession and check the tires.

Of course even if you don’t have a classic car or fancy boat, Greg provides ample, secure storage for your home or business needs.  Several apartment buildings surround the Inver Grove Heights location, and many of the residents use the Acorn store for extra storage space.   Homeowners use mini storage when faced with too much stuff, or when getting ready to ‘stage’ their home for sale.  To help customers in transition, Greg almost always has at least one U-Haul truck available to rent (and offers it free for new customers moving into his Acorn facility*), and facilitates all kinds of requests for both in-town and one-way trips.

Greg offers two pieces of advice for his customers who are getting ready to use storage:

•    Gather up sturdy, uniform containers or boxes along with quality packing supplies to make packing, storing, and unpacking most efficient and less physically strenuous.  You can find these at his IGH store.
•    Set up your storage unit with pallets and shelving to elevate household items off the floor and to keep boxes orderly and accessible.  Greg will make pallets for you, and offers shelving for rent onsite.

Give Greg a call at 651-457-6981 to learn more about Acorn’s Inver Grove Heights facility and available spaces.  You’ll find him happy to help you make storage a smooth experience.
*For information on using a free truck, see Acorn’s website or call the store for details.


Many customers come to Acorn Mini Storage when they find they just have too much stuff filling their homes, garages, and basements.  Constantly encountering messy spaces at home can have a big, negative impact on our thoughts, feelings, and general mood.  Women tend to feel the most desperate about clutter—while men can walk through a room without even noticing the stuff surrounding them, a study performed by UCLA found that women’s stress levels rose significantly when simply staring at a cluttered room.  Additionally, the UCLA study dubbed our garages the “new junk drawers” of our homes–full of our stuff, not our cars.
We would like to share our four favorite tips for tackling the clutter around us.  We hope that, as you put these into practice, you’ll begin to reclaim the serenity of living in a comfortable and clutter-free home.
1. Focus.  Choose a specific place to start, and complete just one space at a time.  For example, rearrange the plastic containers filling your cabinets, save just the ones you use, and recycle the rest.  Focusing on just one project at a time allows you to reach a definite end point—and enables you to appreciate the results every time you open the drawer!
2. Schedule.  Set aside just 15 minutes each evening to tackle one specific project. Doing one small project each day adds up, and helps maintain your momentum as your efforts emerge bit by bit.  When you are ready to tackle a bigger project, such as a pantry or closet, break the task into parts and set aside a few hours each weekend until the project is completed.
3. Organize.  Clearing clutter doesn’t always mean donating or throwing stuff away.  If you have items that you want to keep for sentimental reasons or for future use, pack and clearly label the container specifying the individual items inside.  Be sure to store containers in an environment where they will remain clean and free of moisture, bugs, and critters.  (You will find clean, well-lit, temperature-controlled storage units at your local Acorn Mini Storage.  We also rent portable shelving to keep your boxes organized and easy to reach.)
4. Recruit.  Not sure what to do with your grandmother’s knick-knacks or your great uncle’s collection of stainless steel oddities?  Call your siblings, friends, relatives—enlist them in a group project to sort, distribute, discard, and store the family treasures.
Visit your local Twin Cities Acorn Mini Storage and find your way to a clutter-free and refreshing outlook on life today.